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Michael and Cheryl Love Woodland Hills and West Hills!
Michael and Cheryl represent home buyers, home sellers, landlords, and renters throughout Los Angeles and Ventura counties. But they really enjoy selling homes in Woodland Hills and West Hills because they feel that there is tremendous value for the dollar for buyers considering living in the San Fernando Valley.

Why Buy in Woodland Hills and West Hills?
These two communities are known for charming neighborhoods, great local shopping, highly-rated public schools, good quality of living, and convenient access to the 101 and 118 freeways. Michael was attracted to the area when he sold his first Woodland Hills home listing in 1996.  Shortly thereafter, Michael moved to Woodland Hills, and has resided in the Woodland Hills/West Hills area for almost the last 20 years. He operates his brokerage from there as well.

Why Buy with Michael as Your Broker?
Michael knows houses from top to bottom, and construction nuances of the homes built in these two areas. Michael doesn't consider himself to be a salesman when representing home buyers, but rather a "Real Estate Technician". He actually enjoys "kicking the tires" and "looking under the hood" of every home his prospective buyers are considering purchasing. He truly wants them to know everything about a house before they buy it, not after it closes escrow.

Michael - A Former Bank Appraiser
Before becoming a real estate agent in 1994, Michael was a real estate appraiser in the San Fernando Valley for 8 years, including holding the positions of Senior Appraiser and Appraisal Review Officer at Bank of America. Michael knows what to look for when a potential buyer is considering the purchase of a home. He really knows the Woodland Hills and West Hills neighborhoods.

Thinking of Selling Your Home?
Besides Michael's expert valuation skills, Michael is also a proven marketing professional. He holds a Master's Degree in Business (MBA) from the University of Southern California, with an emphasis in Marketing. He also completed the school's prestigious Entrepreneur Program as well. He has a very hands-on, unique, and effective approach to marketing and selling his clients' homes. Michael is relied upon by his clientele for his solid negotiation skills, and his ability to efficiently resolve buyer issues and requests that sometimes arise during escrow.

Cheryl - A Former Escrow Officer
Cheryl has also been a full-time real estate professional almost her entire working life. She was a well-known and respected real estate escrow officer in the San Fernando Valley for many years before becoming a real estate agent in 2006, and then a Real Estate Broker in 2011. Her extensive escrow experience is a tremendous asset to their clientele. She is also a college graduate, holding a Bachelor's Degree from the State University of New York. Cheryl also loves previewing and showing homes to prospective buyers.

Licensed Brokers, Not Licensed Salespersons
Michael and Cheryl are both licensed Real Estate Brokers, not Licensed Salespersons. There is a significant difference. Only about 35% of California real estate licensees are Brokers. Real Estate Brokers are generally more experienced, educated, and dedicated to the real estate profession.

You Won't Get Handed Off
Michael and Cheryl never hand off clients or their transactions to salespersons or assistants. They are in the minority of Real Estate Brokers that still actually work directly with their clients. They feel that they have a moral and ethical duty to actually do the work for the clients that hire them. It's similar to wanting the doctor you are paying personally examine and treat you, not someone else in his office. And like doctors from the good old days, Michael and Cheryl still make house calls!

Not an Impersonal Big-Box Brokerage
Michael's company is an independent boutique real estate brokerage, not a national franchise or local chain. Accordingly, Michael and Cheryl can think outside of the box, be more responsive, and are not weighted down by the inherent bureaucracy of its larger corporate competitors.

Michael Abbott, MBA & Cheryl Loncar
Michael Abbott, MBA & Cheryl Loncar
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